Jan 2, 2009

Globe Broadband Connection Fix

The technicians from Globe finally paid us a visit after two weeks. The internet connection here at home had been unstable, making me miss a bunch of deadlines from clients during those weeks. I sent e-mails to these clients and explained about the connection problems I was encountering. Some of them weren't happy to hear the news but gave me an extension, nonetheless. I asked the Globe tech guys a lot of questions about troubleshooting and the main reason why we're experiencing unstable connections. They conducted an assessment in our location and said that we have a pretty decent signal reception, but the server where we are pointing is currently down. I discovered that Globe has different broadband server sites we can connect to. All we need to do is point our external antenna towards the direction where their server is located and we'll be all set.

Globe broadband uses 3G technology, but since most of the time 3G servers are being maintained these days, switching to 2G mode is another way of restoring the internet connection. Setting the internet connection to 2G mode may give a slower connection, but this is better than not being connected at all.

To set your Globe Internet Broadband internet connection to 2G mode:
  1. Launch your internet browser and enter your DNS Server number in the address bar. To know your DNS Server number:
    • Click the Local Area Connection icon. The Local Area Connection Status window appears.
    • Click the Support tab to view the Connection status details.
    • Click the Details... button. The Network Connection Details window appears.
    • Copy the DNS Server number.
  2. Press Enter. The ZTE Settings page appears.
  3. Click Network Connect found in the navigation bar. The Network Connection mode appears.
  4. Click the Manual Connecting radio button, and then select Disconnect Internet.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Network Select from the navigation bar. The Band Selection Mode appears.
  7. Click the WCDMA preferred radio button, and then click Submit. Selecting WCDMA preferred sets your modem to 2G mode.
  8. Click Network Connect, and then select Connect Internet.
To bring back your connection to 3G mode, do all the steps above and select WCDMA Only in step 7.

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